Career Development and Life Coaching

Guidance and Planning

Dr. Stephen Watson, Ph.D. specializes in providing guidance to adolescents and adults in exploring, planning and adjusting career goals and lifestyles. This enables clients to link educational pursuits with educational settings and potential careers that are in sync with their strengths, skills, values and personal styles.

YouScience, a cutting edge tool, helps students find the best path to success in cloosing colleges and college majors.  This assessment is empirically based and uses up-to-date algorithms to identify the unique intersection of student's interests, apptitiudes and future opportunities. 


Why use a career development counselor or life coach?

Services include:

Career and College Major Selection Program: Administration and interpretation of well regarded interest and aptitude inventories such as the Myers Briggs Trait Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, the Highland Abilities Battery and the YouScience inventory gives clients a detailed report containing recommendations for selection of major field of study, occupations that match interest and aptitude patterns, extracurricular activities and more.

Career Development Program: Administration and scoring of the Myers Briggs Trait Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory with an individualized report tailored to meet the needs of those already at work who may be looking to change careers, move up in their current career or who want to reinvent themselves.

Leadership and Life Coaching Program: Maximize satisfaction with life by developing effectiveness programs in the domains of physical health, emotional health, intellectual development, and spiritual growth. Our professionals use Cognitive Behavior Therapy strategies and Mindfulness Training as the core approach to focusing your life’s energies to get the most fulfillment from life. Learn to manage time and resources more effectively to gain more control of your life and improve outcomes. Develop strategies for managing ADD tendencies that keep you from completing tasks in a timely fashion.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius


Our professional staff are here to help ensure that you or

your student has the information and guidance to enhance and enrich their life experiences.

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