Coaching is a practical intervention that may be used as an alternative and/or complement to therapy and medical treatment for students with diagnosed learning difficulties. Coaches help students understand their strengths and weaknesses, set and meet academic and personal goals, and develop strategies for success that make sense for the way they think.

Why Hire an LD/ADHD Coach?
  • LD/ADHD coaches have specific training and experience in helping students learn to manage their individual learning styles
  • LD/ADHD Coaches have training in learning theory as well as LD/ADHD, whereas an academic tutor has professional training in specific subject areas
  • LD/ADHD coaches focus upon helping students learn to independently manage tasks and assignment
Why Hire an LD/ADHD Coach?
Services Include:
  • Coaching for middle school, high school, and college students
  • Professional evaluation/review of all academic and psycho-educational testing records. Assistance in determining and advocating for appropriate accommodations and support systems
  • Working collaboratively with parents, teachers and counselors to develop realistic strategies to meet stated academic and life goals
  • Helping students develop strategies to overcome struggles with Executive Functioning (EF) that make sense for how they think and learn
  • Developing practical recommendations to help educators and parents
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