Targeted Tutoring Beats the Covid Lag

Targeted tutoring has been around for many years and has been often used to help a student to catch up when they were behind in a specific subject. Sometimes a student falls behind because they have missed acquiring certain skills that are basic to the subject. This can be because of an illness, perhaps a family move, or most recently, the Covid pandemic. The pandemic resulted in many students being thrust into a virtual learning experience that minimized their individuality and did not identify the weaknesses of the student. The result has been the student has fallen behind in both academic learning skills in specific subjects and social skills. Many times the student misses a basic skill that is critical to mastering the skills in other subjects.

Targeted tutoring is the oldest form of instruction and involves having someone who has demonstrated mastery of a subject that works directly with a student. This direct, personalized learning approach has proven to be invaluable over all the centuries it has been used. This allows the subject material to be tailored to the individual student and their specific learning style. It also provides a very personalized relationship between the instructor and student that reinforces the development of positive academic skills and social skills.

There is no question that this individual strategy of targeted tutoring is effective for overcoming learning loss and can be essential for helping a student catch up after the loss that resulted from virtual learning during the recent pandemic. Each community is different and has different resources available. The most desirable resource is an organization that can offer targeted tutoring on an individual basis. There is also a need for students to receive intensive tutoring and preparation before taking the SAT or ACT. It is often helpful to take the SAT/ACT Diagnostic test to determine which is the better test for that individual student.