Talent Opportunities Program (TOP)


Talent Opportunities Program

Matching individualized talents with opportunities in the community

Participation in TOP allows your student to explore, enhance and develop their creative potential and natural aptitude and interests to become all they can be  by:

·  Identifying and fine-tuning goals for their individual talents

·  Defining their commitment to pursuing these goals

·  Creating an “action plan” to achieve these goals

·  Finding opportunities in the local, regional and national community via education, programs, internships, camps, lessons, organizations that will develop their aptitudes and interests

·  Connecting/ enrolling the student with these opportunities

·  Monitoring the success of the match

·  Identifying the next step for the student (how far do you want to take it? College?  Career path?)

Talent opportunities vary with age level, so elementary school students may be just exploring where their interests lie, while middle school students may be cementing their interest through experimentation, and high school students may be looking for opportunities to fully develop their talents in their area of interest.

Possible Areas Of Talent Promotion:


TOP Services

Level I:  DIY package - inclusive portfolio of available opportunities in a specific area of talent.  Depending on what is established in the initial interview, these can be academic or social opportunities, either within our local community or out-of-state options, both long and short-term.  A second session will be held to present these opportunities and explain each of them to both parent and child, explaining the expectations and requirements for each opportunity.

Level II:  Guided package - includes all aspects of the DIY package, along with a separate parent interview to prioritize options and goals.  TOP will gather all applications and research potential connections for existing internships / mentorships. 

Level III:  Comprehensive package – includes all elements of both the DIY package and the Guided package, in addition to assistance in completing and submitting all applications and requirements.  The Comprehensive package offers the service of creating internships / opportunities tailored specifically for the student.

Follow-Up Services:  TOP will continue to work with the student, assessing the success of programs, adjusting where needed, and developing further opportunities for the student.


For more information, please contact Cherie Pelli, TOP Coordinator.




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